Thursday, December 27, 2007 - Why Didn't I Know About This Earlier?

I just started using,which seems like it will be pretty useful so far. Here's what my home page looks like over there as of right now:
Basically, it looks through your MP3 listening history, and uploads it to that site, something calls "scrobbling".

I find scrobbling all my tracks useful for a few reasons.
  1. I am totally and ridiculously obsessive about cataloging my music correctly in iTunes, It's a neurosis, but a harmless one. iTunes doesn't do the greatest job of providing stats on my listening habits, though. does.
  2. I listen to a lot of music, but I am also sort of old and out of the loop as far as music stuff goes - with I can see users who have the same tastes I do, and see what other bands they are listening to and find new music that way.
  3. Maybe I'll make a separate post about Pandora sometime. Basically it's an Internet radio station that builds based upon a band or song that you like and your future ratings of songs it picks for you. It's very cool. Anyway, does a good job of integrating with Pandora via a tool that someone built here. I leave Pandora on at work quietly in the background, and later I can go back and see what I listened to on
  4. I like that it is platform independent, and catches what I listened to on my iPod (walking around and in my car), at work, on my laptop... a centralized database of what I like or what I'm listening to recently. Unfortunately, right before I signed up, my hard drive crashed and took iTunes' .xml record of all my plays with it. My MP3s were backed up, but it would have been cool to have grab my last year or so of listening as well.
  5. It tells me when bands I have been listening to are playing in the Chicago area. Although I think that the Early Warnings list at the Reader is still key, this is a pretty cool feature.
Like many sites, seems to be trying to capitalize on the social networking aspect. I'm not really interested in that side of it, and from a brief glance around, it doesn't look that popular. Being everyone's "friend" everywhere doesn't appeal to me that much, even though I do have an account at Facebook. Also, also has a subscriptions service so you can listen to your music. Since I have such a large music collection, this doesn't really appeal to me, but I guess they have to make money somehow. I'm still new, but those are the only downsides I've seen so far.

If you're into music, check out I am not a paid sponsor, just a poor writer who happened upon a cool site for people who are really into music.

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