Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reresolve and Lifehacker

Every year I try to pretend that I will not make a New Year's resolution because I am doing everything that I want to be doing, and every year I secretly do make a resolution anyway. Usually it has something to do with being organized, something for which I am not renowned.

This past year I discovered Lifehacker. I love this site for simple software recommendations, tips on random things and a little bit of nerd-talk too, since I'm a nerd at heart.
I use it pretty randomly. Like when I'm trying to figure out what free DVD burning program to use, or to get random productivity tips. As an aspiring small-business owner, I like to pretend that I'm above needing seemingly boring business tips, but if I want to continue to work full-time while I plan for my own company, I need to get and stay organized. Part of the reason I am starting this blog is to organize my often random thoughts into one place.

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